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Book References

Use of LView software was recommended by several publications, and trial versions of the software were often distributed in accompanying CD-ROMs. An abridged list of such publications is found below:

"Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats", James D. Murray and William VanRyper, O'Reilly and Associates, ISBN: 1-56592-058-9, 1994

"Mosaic for Windows: A Hands-On Configuration and Set-Up Guide to Popular Web Browsers", Springer Science & Business Media, Jun 16, 1995 - Computers - 177 pages, ISBN: 978-1-4615-9672-1

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"Internet CD", Vivian Neou, PTR Prentice-Hall, ISBN: 0-13-123852-3, 1994

"Windows Internet Tour Guide - Cruising the Internet the Easy Way", Michael Fraase, Ventana, ISBN: 1-56604-081-7, 1994

"Publish it on the Web", Bryan Pfaffenberger, Academic Press, ISBN: 0-12-553140-0, 1995

"Web Publisher's Design Guide for Windows", Mary Jo Fahey and Jeffrey W. Brown, Coriolis Group Books, ISBN: 1-883577-61-6, 1995

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"Internet Guizmos for Windows", Joel Diamond, Howard Sobel and Valda Hilley, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 1-56884-451-4, 1995

"Windows on the Internet - The Complete Toolchest on CD-ROM", John P. Morphet, McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0-07-912173-X, 1995

"Inside the World Wide Web", Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Rob Tidrow, et al., New Riders, ISBN: 1-56205-412-0, 1995

"Instant Internet with WebSurfer", David Sachs and Henry Stair, PTR Prentice-Hall, ISBN: 0-13-210675-2, 1995

"The Downloader's Companion for Windows", Scott Meyers and Catherine Pinch, PTR Prentice-Hall, ISBN: 0-13-342254-2, 1995

"Creating Your Own Netscape Web Pages", Andy Shafran, QUE, ISBN: 0-7897-0621-0, 1995

"Running a Perfect Web Site", David M. Chandler, QUE, ISBN: 0-7897-0210-X, 1995

"Using the World Wide Web and Mosaic", Bill Eager and Mary Ann Pike, QUE, ISBN: 0-78970-250-0, 1995

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"Netscape Navigator 6 in 1", Jennifer Fulton and Nat Gertler, QUE, ISBN: 0-7897-0807-8, 1996

"The Big Basics Book of the Internet", Joe Kraynak, Jennifer Fulton, Sherry Kinkoph, and Aaron Weiss, QUE, ISBN: 0-7897-0753-5, 1996

"Using CGI", Jeffry Dwigth and Michael Erwin, QUE, ISBN: 0-7897-0740-3, 1996

"Mastering CorelDRAW 6 Second Edition", Rick Altman, Sybex, ISBN: 0-7821-1802-X, 1996

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"Windows 95 - Cutting-Edge Tools & Techniques for Power Users", Richard Mansfield and Evangelos Petroutsos, Ventana, ISBN: 1-56604-319-0, 1996

"Frontpage 97 Web Designer's Guide", Gary L. Allman, Jason Ladtke and Michael C. Stinson, Waite Group Press, ISBN: 1-57169-027-1, 1996

"Easy Digital Photography", Scott Slaughter, Abacus, ISBN: 1-55755-330-0, 1997

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"CorelDRAW 7 Bible", Deborah Miller, IDG Books Worldwide, ISBN: 0-7645-3066-6, 1997

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Learn HTML in a Weekend, Steve Callihan, Prima Tech, Prima Publishing, ISBN: 0-7615-1800-2, 1998

"Unofficial Guide to Starting a Business Online", Jason R. Rich, Second Edition, Wiley Publishing, Inc, ISBN: 978-0471748380, 2006

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